Our goal is to provide our clients with beautiful portraits created in a comfortable, relaxed atmosphere. We conduct your session at your choice of location. This may be indoors, such as your home, or an outdoor location, such as a local park. The location you choose should be a place where you are comfortable so together we can create the best images possible.

Photo sessions typically last between 1 to 3 hours. If more session time is needed it can be booked in 1 hour increments. We understand that sometimes it takes a little time to get that perfect image, and we donít want to rush that process. We also know that little ones like to work on their own schedule so we strive to let them be comfortable with the excitement of having their pictures taken. If there are important items that you would like to have included in the portrait such as a special blanket or toy, please have them ready and prepared prior to the session.

We place no restrictions on clothing changes for the session. You are allowed as many outfits as you would like that fits in the duration of the session. We do recommend you select your clothing carefully. Clothing should be of neutral colors and have a timeless feel to them. You should avoid logos and loud bright colors as these do not photograph well and will draw attention away from the subject.

Once the photo session is concluded, we will sit down together and choose the best photos from the shoot, your package determines how many images are selected. After 3-5 days you will be notified the photofinishing is complete and your images are ready for viewing in a password secure online gallery. From this gallery you will be able to order your package prints and any additional prints you may want. Feel free to share this gallery with anyone you like, they will be able to place their own orders for prints. This makes it easy to share your new images with family and friends anywhare in the country! Please check your package description for full details on included products.
In the United States, photographers hold the copyright to images they produce. Scott Shoemaker and Hilltop Photography, LLC will retain these copyrights. We do offer a Digital CD of your finished images that included a personal use license that will allow you to display and reproduce your finished images for your personal, non-commercial use.